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May 2023

March 2023

Best Way To Remove A Skin Tag


There are several commonly used methods to remove skin tags. Some used at medical clinics include, shaving off a skin tag, freezing off a skin tag or burning it off. We cannot specify enough how bad these techniques are. They cause severe scarring; the results aren’t permanent, and they can be painful. At Mole Removal [...]

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September 2022

Fall Skincare Tips


It is officially fall time! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carving, apple picking, fall festivals and more! What’s better than cozying up and watching a movie? Autumn truly is the best season of the year. However, we often don’t acknowledge the negative effects the changes in seasons can have on your skin. The drastic change from [...]

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July 2022

Facial Mole Removal


At Mole Removal Los Angeles, we work with a board-certified surgeon who specializes in cosmetic facial mole removals and facial skin tag removals. We have a skilled team of medical assistants and our board-certified surgeon that has over twenty- years of experience in the medical field. If you are looking for a mole removal procedure [...]

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June 2022

Mole Removal in Glendale, CA


Are you located in the Glendale area? Do you have a mole or skin tag that is irritating your skin? Mole Removal Los Angeles is a medical clinic that specializes in mole removal procedures and skin tag removal procedures. Our team of medical assistants and surgeons are devoted to the treatment of mole removal and [...]

Mole Removal in Glendale, CA2022-06-15T05:20:03+00:00

Mole Removal in Burbank, CA


We are excited to announce we are officially extending our services to the Burbank community! Our team is very excited to be opening its services to those struggling with an annoying mole or skin tag. We have three medical clinics in the Los Angeles area. We opened our first location in Sawtelle, CA back in [...]

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May 2022

Removing Skin Tags On Neck


Do you have an annoying skin tag on your neck area? No need to worry! The neck is a common area for skin tags and moles to appear. Skin Tags are growths that form within skin folds, like the neck area, underarm area, and breast area. Skin Tags are very common, according to the National [...]

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April 2022

Los Angeles Scar-Free Mole and Skin Tag Removal


Do you have a mole or skin tag on your body that causes daily irritation? Are you afraid of removing a mole or skin tag because of the scar it may leave or the pain it may cause? Your concerns are completely valid! There are many methods and treatments commonly used to remove moles and [...]

Los Angeles Scar-Free Mole and Skin Tag Removal2022-04-01T04:46:48+00:00

February 2022

Our Top 4 Skincare Tips


Are you having issues with your skin? Are these issues affecting your confidence? We understand the frustration. Skincare challenges are ever- changing. In our early 20s we struggled with acne and now we're struggling with discoloration. Whatever the complication may be, we have come up with four skincare products that will help diminish any issue [...]

Our Top 4 Skincare Tips2022-02-24T05:30:51+00:00

Mole Removal Long Beach, CA


Do you have a pesky mole or skin tag that is hindering your confidence? Do you want to get them removed but do not know where or who to go to? Mole Removal Los Angeles is a medical clinic that specializes in mole and skin tag removals. Our procedure is effective, pain-less and causes minimal [...]

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