What is the best way to remove a mole on your face? Treating a mole located on one’s face is major. This is due to the fact that the face is such a prominent feature, if the procedure isn’t effective or causes scarring, it will be very noticeable. At Mole Removal Los Angeles, our practice is dedicated to mole and skin tag removals. We have a medical team and a board-certified surgeon who are very experienced and skilled. They have removed moles and skin tags of all sizes and on all areas of the body. If you are interested, you can text us a photo of your skin lesion and we can give you a quote over the phone! (310) 742-9155

Learn More About The Best Way To Remove A Mole On Your Face

Our clinic uses a technique called radiofrequency ablation, which is truly the best way to remove a mole on your face. This technique allows for a precise mole removal, getting to the root. This allows for a mole removal with minimal to no scarring and long-lasting results. Having a mole located on the face can be bothersome, painful and can make one feel insecure. If you are thinking of removing a mole, let us help you!

Mole On Your FacePricing varies depending on the size of the mole, where the mole is located and how many moles are being removed. You will first meet with the surgeon at the initial consultation. Our medical team will give you a price breakdown, ranging between $400 – $900. We are currently offering $50 OFF Mole Removal & Skin Tag procedures at Mole Removal Los Angeles. Call us today to schedule your consultation and get $50 OFF at our medical clinic in Beverly Hills, CA (310) 742-9155. Check out our Instagram for before & after photos of mole removals and skin tag removals at our clinic! Real patients, real results. (@moleremovalla)