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Skin Tag Removal Los Angeles, CA

Skin tags appear in all shapes and sizes. We can help.

Skin tags are excess pieces of skin that hang off the skin and often grow in clusters on the body. Normally skin tags do not cause any pain but can become highly irritated if they rub or get caught on clothing, bedding or jewelry. Whether you are experiencing one of these issues or would simply like to remove your skin tag for cosmetic reasons, our reputable surgeons can help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Our surgeons are dedicated to the pursuit of patient-centered healthcare and look forward to helping you remove your skin tags. You will receive a customized treatment plan during your consultation with our surgeon and feel confident in your healthcare choices. If you are looking for skin tag removal in Los Angeles, California then you have come to the right place! We also offer specialized wart removal and mole removal treatments as well. You can call our office to book a complimentary consultation with one of our surgeons on staff.

Our medical team is able to treat your skin tags if they appear singularly or even in clusters throughout your body. If fact, most skin tags often grow several at a time. While the most common areas for skin tags to appear are the neck and face, skin tags can grow on any body part. Our surgeons are exclusively devoted to skin tag removal in our Los Angeles office and are able to treat skin tags wherever they may be.

Skin Tag Removal Los Angeles: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove a skin tag that is close to my eye?2019-10-04T01:03:33+00:00

Yes. Each of our surgeons have over 20 years of surgical experience and are qualified to remove skin lesions from anywhere on the body and do so taking the highest safety measures. During your consultation you will receive a detailed explanation of the surgeon’s plans for your treatment so you are comfortable and confident.

Should I try at-home skin tag removal treatments first?2019-11-28T05:08:58+00:00

We strongly recommend against attempting to remove skin tags at home. It’s very important to have a surgeon examine the skin tag prior to removal and ensure that it is not cancerous. Removing a cancerous skin lesion is very dangerous and potentially fatal. Additionally, skin tags may seem small but can begin to bleed excessively if removed improperly.

Will I have a scar after skin tag removal?2019-10-04T01:04:10+00:00

In most cases, patients do not have a visible appearance of a scar because of the highly advanced and precise technology we use combined with the recovery skincare every patient is sent home with.

I have a lot of skin tags. Can I remove all of them?2019-10-04T01:00:30+00:00

Yes. After our surgeon has determined that the skin tags are non-cancerous, it is 100% safe to remove one or all of your skin tags.

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“As I got older, I began growing many irritating skin tags on my underarm. The surgeon removed all of them and now my skin is nice and smooth!”

– Patient from Mole Removal Los Angeles



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