Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles, we are proud to say that all three of our locations are home to highly-skilled, board-certified surgeons. At every consultation, each patient always meets with a doctor. Our patients are never handed off to a nurse or physician’s assistant. Our doctors have years of experience in mole, skin tag, and wart removal so every patient can rest easy and know that they are in good hands. We have access to the latest medical technology and combined with our advanced scar cream, our patients see little to no scarring every time!

 The health of our patients is first priority and we do everything in our power to ensure every patient is cared for. This is why every patient receives a free skin cancer screening before any procedure. We do this to ensure that any mole we are about to remove is non-cancerous and is safe to remove. Sometimes, getting a mole removed goes beyond the cosmetic aspect. Moles can be found anywhere meaning they can grow in spots that can become irritated. Common areas for moles to be found are on the hairline and shoulders, so they can be irritated by ball caps and straps of purses and backpacks. Every procedure is precise and requires no downtime, allowing our patients to get back to normal activities the same day.

We also understand that everybody is different, so during the consultation one of our doctor’s will create the best treatment possible for the patient. Whether they are seeking mole, skin tag, wart, or another skin lesion removal, we are here to help. We have three convenient locations and the latest medical technology at our fingertips. Schedule a consultation today to hear how Mole Removal Los Angeles can help you be healthy, happy, and confident!