Important Questions about

Mole Removal and Skin Tag Removal

How much does mole removal cost?2019-10-10T22:50:41+00:00

The cost will vary depending on the size and number of moles treated. While insurance does not cover this treatment, we work hard to provide affordable healthcare! Most people find that mole removal costs are very reasonable. During your consultation our medical team will give you a precise price breakdown, anywhere between $500-$900..

How long does mole removal take to heal?2019-10-10T22:51:56+00:00

Patients should stay out of the pool, ocean and prolonged sun exposure just for one week. After this you may return to normal activities. The area will continue to heal for approximately four weeks after treatment. Depending on the size and depth of the mole the healing process may take up to three months.

How do you treat the area after mole removal?2019-10-07T22:03:53+00:00

The after care for mole removal treatment is very simple and only takes a few minutes each day for a few weeks. Our medical team will explain the easy process which includes keeping the area clean and rubbing Neosporin and/or other recovery skincare in the area.

Is it safe to remove a mole?2019-10-07T22:02:57+00:00

Most moles are non-cancerous and 100% safe to remove. Our surgeons have 20+ years in the medical field and will diagnose the mole before beginning any treatment. In the rare case that the surgeon does suspect the mole to be cancerous, we will not remove the mole and instead refer you to a specialist for additional testing.

Does mole removal leave a scar?2019-10-07T22:02:13+00:00

With our combined newest technology and highly skilled board-certified surgeons, the appearance of scarring is unnoticeable and non-existent in most cases. We provide every patient with medical grade skincare to aid in successful, scar-free healing.

How do surgeons remove moles?2021-01-06T02:53:53+00:00

After determining the mole is safe to remove, our surgeon will begin by cleaning and numbing the area with a small injection. The surgeon will then use a state-of-the-art machine to slowly and precisely remove the mole. The area will be bandaged up and our medical team will send you home with recovery skincare and simple after-care instructions. Your appointment will last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Do moles grow back?2019-10-07T22:00:36+00:00

It is very unlikely. In rare cases larger sized moles might grow back. If this happens, patients are welcome to re-visit our office for a complimentary follow-up treatment.

Is it painful to have a mole removed?2019-10-07T21:59:45+00:00

You will feel a tiny pinch during the initial injection to numb the area. Most of our patients associate this sensation with a “rubber band snapping against your skin only one time.” After this, you will feel absolutely no pain.

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