At Mole Removal Los Angeles, we work with a board-certified surgeon who specializes in cosmetic facial mole removals and facial skin tag removals. We have a skilled team of medical assistants and our board-certified surgeon that has over twenty- years of experience in the medical field. If you are looking for a mole removal procedure with long-lasting results and that has minimal to no scarring call us today: (310) 737-8726 We are currently running a summer special with $50 off facial mole removal procedures and facial skin tag removal procedures.

Learn More About Facial Mole Removal

facial mole removalWhen you visit our clinic, you can expect to meet with the surgeon who performs the procedure. The surgeon will examine the mole or skin tag to assure that it is cancer free and safe to remove. We use a new medical technology called radio frequency ablation to precisely remove any skin lesion with minimal to no scarring (results may vary). We do not recommend any outdated treatments such as mole shaving or excisions. These types of treatments are commonly found at other medical clinics tend to be highly invasive and leave scarring. We also do not recommend using any at-home treatments when it comes to removing moles and skin tags. Removing moles at home can be dangerous, they often lead to infections and severe scarring. Some of these at-home remedies may not be effective at all.

Our procedure is very simple and usually takes between 20 – 40 minutes, depending on where the mole is located and the size of the mole, or skin tag. Before leaving the clinic you will get the area of the mole removal bandaged up. For the best healing results we recommend 3-5 days of keeping the area dry and clean. We also give our patients a healing recovery cream to take home with them. For optimal results we recommend applying this cream on the area of the mole removal for 10 days. Within three weeks the wound is completely healed and new tissue is formed. The results are almost perfect!

Call us today to schedule a facial mole removal appointment with our $50 off summer special. Get beautiful skin for the summertime! (310) 737-8726