Skin Tag Basics

Skin tags are harmless and painless growths on the skin. They can appear anywhere but are most commonly found on the neck, upper chest, and underarms. While they are painless, they can become irritated or bothersome if they begin to catch on clothing or are rubbed by the straps of a bag. There is no definitive cause of skin tags, however, they do tend to be the result of skin rubbing against skin. Some people may be more predisposed to get skin tags. While both men and women are affected, they do tend to be more common during a woman’s pregnancy due to drastic hormonal changes.Those also at risk to develop skin tags are people who are overweight or people with diabetes. 

Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles, we also specialize in skin tag removal. We use a very similar treatment to remove them as when we remove moles. The treatment is quick and painless with no down-time, allowing patients to return to normal activities the same day. Removing skin tags at home is not recommended and could sometimes lead to more problems than solutions. Removing skin tags at home has a risk of infection due to the chances of bleeding while removing it. Book your consultation today and see one of our board-certified surgeons who have years of experience in removing skin tags. The procedure is quick and easy and there is minimal to no scarring during the healing process. Visit us today and leave our office healthy, happy, and confident!