Do you have a mole or skin tag on your body that causes daily irritation? Are you afraid of removing a mole or skin tag because of the scar it may leave or the pain it may cause? Your concerns are completely valid! There are many methods and treatments commonly used to remove moles and skin tags, but few are effective. Historically dermatologists and medical spas have used incompetent methods such as shaving off a mole or freezing off a skin tag. These methods lead to severe scarring and are often painful. They also have the potential for a mole or skin tag to grow back because they only treat the surface of the area. At home mole removals have also gained traction in the past years. Removing moles and skin tags at home can be dangerous and often lead to infections and severe scarring. If you are looking for a mole removal or skin tag removal treatment that is easy, scar-less and pain-less, you have come to the perfect place! (Results may vary). Call us today to schedule your appointment: (310) 742-9155

Learn More About Scar-Free Mole and Skin Tag Removal

scar-free mole removalHere at Mole Removal Los Angeles, we specialize in mole and skin tag removals. Our board-certified surgeon has over twenty- years of experience in the medical field. So regardless of where the mole may be located or how big it may be, have no doubt that you are skilled, capable hands. When it comes to moles and skin tag removals, our method of choice is radio frequency ablation. This method allows for the surgeon to precisely remove any skin lesion with minimal to no scarring. The procedure is usually done within 20- 30 minutes, it is quick, easy and effective! We send our patients home with after-care instructions and recovery skin care. This way the area of the removals will heal beautifully and smoothly (results may vary). If you are interested in mole or skin tag removal procedure, call us today to book a consultation (310) 742-9155. We offer same day consultations with our board- certified surgeon. Let’s start off 2022 with beautiful and smooth skin! Make sure to check out our Instagram for before and after pictures @moleremovalla.