Skin Tags, also known as acrochordon, are a common skin growth where excess pieces of skin grow in small, soft clusters. They range in color and size, but they often are a brown and beige color. Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, they often show up in skin folds or wherever there is frequent friction between skin. Common places they grow on are the neck, upper chest, underarms, and eyelids. Skin Tags, or acrochordons, tend to stick out because they grow on top of the skin, which is why many find them bothersome. Much like moles, skin tags are common, harmless and easy to remove. They have no potential in becoming cancerous. There is no exact reason as to what causes skin tags, however, there has been correlation with genetics, excess skin, and skin rubbing against itself. Therefore skin tags are common with individuals that are overweight. This type of skin growth is extremely common, about three million Americans get their skin tags treated per year. Not sure if the skin lesion on your body is a mole or skin tag? Here is a list of a couple of differentiating factors. If you are still unsure after assessing this list, make sure to go on our Skin Tag page on our website for more information and before & after photos on skin tag removals.

1. Skin tags grow together in clusters. Moles usually are dispersed throughout the body parts.

2. Skin tags appear raised because they grow on top of the skin. Moles are mostly flat.

3. Skin tags are usually a brown or beige color, depending on one’s skin tone. Moles are always a darker brown color.

4. Skin tags have no cancerous potential. Moles do have a possibility of being cancerous and should be checked often.

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