We are excited to announce we are officially extending our services to the Burbank community! Our team is very excited to be opening its services to those struggling with an annoying mole or skin tag. We have three medical clinics in the Los Angeles area. We opened our first location in Sawtelle, CA back in 2019. Our Sherman Oaks clinic and Beverly Hills clinic followed shortly after. Our Sherman Oaks location is a short 25-minute drive from the Burbank area! Call us today to book your Mole Removal Burbank appointment (818) 975-3877.  We are ready to help our Sherman Oaks patients be healthy and confident!

Learn More About Mole Removal in Burbank, CA

affordable mole removal burbank caMole Removal Los Angeles specializes in mole removals and skin tag removals. Our board-certified surgeon and team of medical assistants have years of experience. They perform these procedures on a weekly basis. What differentiates us from other clinics and dermatologists is the method we use to remove moles and skin tags. This is a non-invasive procedure. Our surgeons use radio frequency ablation, this new technology provides the best results. The result is less to no scarring and minimal recovery time. We recommend our patients to keep the area of the removal covered and dry for at least a week. We always send our patients home with recovery skincare products. These products also help in minimizing the appearance of scarring.

Our mole removal Burbank method also provides long-lasting results, you will not need to come back to treat the same mole or skin tag repeatedly. Pricing varies on how big the mole is, where the mole is located and how many moles are being removed. During the initial consultation our medical team will give you a precise price breakdown. We are currently offering a Summer Special, $50 off all mole removal and skin tag removal procedures! Call today to schedule your Mole Removal Burbank appointment! (818) 975-3877.