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Mole Removal Santa Monica, CA

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Most of our patients come visit our Santa Monica medical office because they have moles, skin tags, or other skin lesions that are affecting their confidence and overall health.

Moles usually develop at childhood, but can keep developing until the age of 40. Most adults have anywhere between 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. Some patients decide to remove their mole because of the pain and discomfort it can cause in their everyday life. Other patients decide to remove their mole for cosmetic reasons. Whatever your reason may be, you deserve a mole removal treatment that is safe, effective, and scarless.

Moles vary in size, shape, and location and should be treated individually and with the highest care. Additionally, mole removal treatments should always be performed by a board- certified surgeon. At our Santa Monica medical office, our surgeon’s first and foremost priority will always remain the health and safety of patients. We use the most advanced medical technology and skincare to treat our patients. The appearance of scarring from treatment is virtually invisible.

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Benefits of Mole Removal at Our Santa Monica Office

scarless mole removal santa monicaWhen you choose to visit one of our highly esteemed medical clinics such as the one in Santa Monica you will receive many benefits. The first being expertise and precision from the very best and highly trained surgeons in Santa Monica. This ensures that your treatment is not only highly effective but also completed with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Second, your aesthetic concerns will be prioritized at every moment throughout your treatment plan. You can expect your treatment to be minimally-invasive, have little to no downtime and the results to be nearly scarless. The minimal scarring associated with our mole removal treatments in Santa Monica are a vital reason our patients are extremely satisfied and keep coming back for more mole removals. Third, removing moles, skin tags, warts, and other skin lesions at our office Santa Monica is also very safe and actually beneficial to your health. It is important to get your skin and moles checked regularly by a licensed professional who is skilled at assessing moles for any malignancy. When a surgeon removes skin lesions properly, it helps the patients reduce any future complications or infectionsWhat are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today! (310) 737-8726

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“The doctor removed a mole and two skin tags from my back. It didn’t hurt at all and I was pleasantly surprised how well it healed. I have another mole on my face that I want to get removed. I just scheduled my appointment for early next month.”

– Patient from Santa Monica

“I couldn’t believe how amazing my mole removal turned out. I had a huge mole on my forehead and I came to this location to have it removed. A few weeks after the procedure there isn’t a scar or any mark.”

– Patient from Los Angeles

Mole Removal Santa Monica FAQ

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We have been part of the Santa Monica community for over three years now! We have a great medical team and experienced board- certified surgeons that enjoy working at our Mole Removal clinic. Their focus is to help all patients feel confident and beautiful in their skin. At our Santa Monica location, we have access to the newest technology. Our surgeons use radio frequency technology to gently remove moles at their root. Our Mole Removal procedures have minimal to no scarring (results may vary).

Do you offer same day appointments for Mole Removal in Santa Monica?2022-01-26T02:40:05+00:00

We do offer same day appointments at our Santa Monica clinic. We have our patients meet with one of our surgeons who perform the mole removal procedures. The surgeon will examine the mole and answer any questions a patient may have. Many of our patients get their mole removed the same day of their consultation. Come visit us if you need mole removal in Santa Monica.

Where can I get a painless mole removal in Santa Monica?2022-01-26T02:41:30+00:00

If you are looking for a painless mole removal procedure in the Santa Monica area, look no further! We have an awesome medical team at our Santa Monica clinic whose priority is the health and safety of our patients. If you decide to remove your mole with us, the surgeon will numb the area of the removal. Our procedure is non- invasive, so there will be no cutting or stitching of the skin. The procedure will take 20-30 minutes and you will leave the clinic with beautiful, smooth skin.

How much does mole removal in Santa Monica cost?2022-01-26T02:42:37+00:00

The cost of a Santa Monica mole removal procedure varies depending on the size and the number of moles being removed. We use a tiered pricing structure, meaning that the more moles you get removed, the less it will cost.

What are my options? Shave Mole Removal and Excision Mole Removal

There are many treatment options available to patients seeking to remove their moles, skin tag and other skin lesions in our Santa Monica Clinic. Two of the most popular ways are shave mole removal and excision mole removal by surgeons with years of cosmetic and surgical expertise. The first technique, shave removal is highly effective for superficial moles located throughout the body. The surgeon uses a scalpel or specialized tool to carefully shave the mole off of the skin’s surface. The goal is to remove the mole cells while preserving the integrity of the skin and minimize scarring. The second technique, excision mole removal is reserved for larger moles and is a slightly more invasive surgical procedure. There is still no downtime and the results are almost scar free! The surgeon would remove the moles by precisely cutting them from the skin with a specialized tool. There are several other treatments for mole removal in our Santa Monica office that we will discuss with you including freezing moles, freezing skin tags, radiofrequency for mole removal and radiofrequency for skin tag removal. Most times, our surgeons prefer the radiofrequency procedure because of its combined benefits of the shave mole removal and excision mole removal.

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    What to Expect from Your Mole Removal Treatment

    In our Santa Monica clinic, you can expect that your mole removal treatment is the gold standard from the moment you first call our office and step into our beautiful clinic to the moment you meet the doctor and leave the office the same day with your mole completely gone! You will begin with a consultation with our cosmetic surgeon who will examine your mole and then curate a customized treatment plan for you. Once you both are comfortable with moving forward, you will be moved to a state-of-the-art procedure room in our Santa Monica clinic and undergo the treatment. The mole will be numbed with a local anesthetic. This is done with a small needle ensuring that you have minimal to no pain. After this, the doctor will proceed to remove the mole with Radiofrequency ablation to give the best in class results and cosmetic outcome. Recovery is very simple and involves wearing a skin toned or clear Band-Aid for about one week. You will be given healing creams to ensure everything heals smoothly. Besides staying out of the ocean for a week, there are minimal other distractions to your daily routine! There is no downtime!

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