Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles, we know that these are troubling and difficult times for most. Students have classes online, people are lucky to work from home, and millions have lost their jobs. Our condolences go out to all of those affected by this pandemic. Instead of putting out more information on what to do during quarantine, here are some examples of what not to do.

  1. Complain: As easy as it is to complain, it negatively affects your mindset and mood. It is more than normal to vent, but a positive mindset during times like this is key. 
  2. Focusing on what you don’t have: It is always easy to long for things that we don’t have, but then we forget about what we do have and do not cherish it. Do not forget about your board games, the old nail polish at the back of the cabinet, or blankets and pillows to make a pillow fort. 
  3. Leave the house frequently: No one likes to be stuck in their house all day, but this is one time where it is for the best that people only leave when they have to. Thank you to all of our essential workers for doing their part during this time. We should stay home for them and when people do leave their houses, practice social distancing and wear a face covering.
  4. Become a couch potato: As appealing as it is to lay around and do nothing all day, try to stay active. Walk around the house, clean, learn to cook, walk the dog, this will help your body help you in the long run. 
  5. Forget to have fun: In the age of technology, it is easy to stay connected when one has access to the internet and keep up with friends and family. A quick check-in can mean a lot to everyone these days. And fun browser extensions or applications can allow big groups to meet or even watch TV shows together.

We hope everyone is taking care of themselves and doing well. We know we will get through this and we can’t wait to take care of any bothersome skin lesions on any patient.