We’re Coming to Sherman Oaks!

We are excited to announce we are officially part of the Sherman Oaks Community. Our team is very excited to be opening up a new medical clinic in the beautiful valley area of Los Angeles. This is our third location, with the other two being Sawtelle and San Diego. We are ready to help our Sherman Oaks patients be healthy and confident! 

Some patients decide to remove their mole because of the pain and discomfort it can cause in their everyday life. Other patients decide to remove their mole for cosmetic reasons. Whatever your reason may be, you deserve a mole removal treatment that is safe, effective, and scar-less. 

Our clinic is devoted to making mole removal a safe, effective, and scar-less procedure. We use the most advanced medical technology and skincare to treat our patients. The appearance of scarring from treatment is nearly invisible.

After our surgeon has ensured that your mole is safe to remove, you can opt for same-day mole removal or come back for another appointment. Your consultation fee of $189 will get credited towards your treatment. You can expect your treatment price to range from $500-900 depending on the size and number of moles, skin tags or warts being treated. If you are interested, you can book an appointment here on the website or check out our social media @moleremovalla

Sherman Oaks let’s be healthy & confident!