Even though we specialize in mole and skin tag removal, we always promote healthy lifestyles and positive mental health. We believe that having a productive workspace can make a world of difference in your day-to-day work life. From simply decluttering your area to having a small plant, all these things can help you feel more comfortable and at ease while working. Below are some quick tips that will hopefully help improve your workspace. 

  • Declutter and organize as much as possible: Remove any unnecessary paperwork or notebooks from your workspace that could be preventing you from comfortably resting your arms. Even buying affordable desk organizers to hold any papers, books, and writing utensils can help keep everything out of your way.
  • Add a small plant: Whether you have a green thumb or not, adding a small plant can help bring some color to your area. There are many affordable fake options at stores as well that look very nice. 
  • Make sure your space is well-lit: Since you are already straining your eyes by looking at computer screens and/or books, make it easier with lots of light. You could open the blinds on a window, buy a small desk light, or just ensure your overhead light is on. All of these things will help your eyes and lessen the strain. 
  • Light a Candle: *Do this Safely* Sometimes a comforting fragrance can help us in that the aroma can help liven up the space. Whether you like floral or sweet scents, candles also give off a warm light and some heat to help everything feel cozy. If you cannot have candles, a natural oil diffuser or wall plug-in can offer the same comforting effect. 
  • Don’t be afraid to decorate: You could have a color scheme, bring in photos, or just add a plant and some photos. By doing anything to customize the space, you make it yours and that can help you look forward to seeing it and working in the area. 

All of these tips are meant to be applicable in an office building or in your own home. Ensure you follow any guidelines that are set by your office building, if applicable, and make your workspace work for you as much as possible. Doctors also recommend that you get up and move every so often and that you give your eyes a break from any technology screen frequently and for very short periods of time. We hope you find these tips are useful and your workspace is even a little more inviting.