As winter rolls around we naturally change our wardrobe. We swap in the shorts for pants, denim jackets for coats, and sandals for boots. So, if we change our wardrobe according to the season, why shouldn’t we do the same for our skincare routine? 

With the cold weather, our skin naturally becomes drier than usual. You might find yourself using a heavier amount of moursiterizer and applying chapstick more often. It’s completely normal. However, applying more moisturizer and chapstick isn’t going to cut it. Your skin needs different help during the colder days. Here are a couple of tips we recommend you incorporate into your skincare routine for the winter:

  • Add a hyaluronic acid 
  • Add an oil
  • Swap out your moisturizer for a thicker one
  • Add a hydrating mask 
  • Add in some retinol 
  • SPF!


Hyaluronic Acid

The cold weather naturally sucks the moisture out of your skin. Including hyaluronic acid serum into your skincare routine gives your skin more moisture and also helps your products penetrate better. 


Add an Oil

Many people already include an oil into their skincare routine. However, the oil you might use in the warmer months might not be as effective during the winter time. Try using a heavier oil, such as, carrot seed oil or rosehip oil. These oils will not only soothe the skin but add supple moisture, defending your skin from the cold weather. 


Swap out your moisturizer for a thicker one

When in 80-90 degree weather most of us go for a light moisturizer. Well, now is the time to swap out your light, oil- free moisturizer for a thicker one. Add in all the moisture into your skin to protect from the harsh cold weather. If you have oily skin and don’t like the look of a heavy moisturizer on your face, maybe just apply it at night and keep the light moisturizer for the day. 


Add a Hydrating Mask

The most common face masks used are usually harsher one’s meant that are meant to detox and that are anti-acne. However, during the winter time I would recommend to trade in the detox face masks for hydrating face masks. As I mentioned above, add in the moisturizer because the harsh weather sucks it up. 


Add in some Retinol

Retinol is a great product that does deeper work in your skin. However, retinol can be extremely harsh on your skin if you are constantly exposed to the sun. This makes it difficult to use retinol during those beach days. So, it is the perfect time to include retinol into your skincare routine. In the winter time we tend to stay more indoors than outdoors, which leads to less sun exposure. 



Just because the sky is gloomy doesn’t mean you should skip the SPF! Sun damage can happen in any season. You can still be exposed to UVA rays even in you are in doors, as long as there is windows, UVA rays can hit. SPF is a year round product that should be in your everyday skincare routine.