It is no secret that working out is key to helping the body perform at its best and to build strength and endurance. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are major benefits to exercising when one can. These benefits involve weight-control, preventing the risk of poor health, an improved mood, more energy, better sleep, and exercising can be fun! 

Working out as often as one’s schedule allows can help keep one’s metabolism in check. Our metabolism is key to helping our bodies break down food and keep the nutrients and discard anything unnecessary. Working out builds muscle and also burns fat, cardio exercises and lifting weights are especially beneficial to burn fat. Those who exercise reduce their risk of stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, and more. Exercising helps our body get rid of toxins faster and pushes “good” elements through our body. It also increases our water intake which has multiple health benefits and nourishes the body in a multitude of ways. A quick workout can help someone literally workout their stress. Physical activity, anywhere from a walk to a long gym session, helps stimulate the brain and in turn triggers certain chemicals to be released that might leave one feeling happier and less stressed. Regular physical activity helps the body build muscle strength, stamina, and endurance. This can lead to having more energy overall which can translate to feeling more positive about going to the grocery store or cleaning the living area. Exercise is also highly recommended for those that can struggle falling asleep. Rigorous physical activity exhausts the body and mind. This can mean that one may fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Lastly, working out can be fun contrary to popular belief. Exercise with friends and have fun catching up in between exercises or even on a walk. 

Exercising is known to make people sore, sweaty, and uncomfortable. However, these temporary negative feelings should not be overshadowed by all of the positive long-lasting benefits that result from working out when one’s hectic schedule allows.