Looking for quick and healthy meals to add to your weekly menus? Caring for yourself begins on the inside by eating well-balanced meals and drinking plenty of water. This can be as easy as making a smoothie twice a week, adding extra vegetables to your meals, or making sure you drink an extra glass of water every day. Below will be some quick and simple recipes that you could easily prepare at home.
– Chicken and Veggies: This is a relatively straightforward dish that should not take longer than twenty minutes so it is perfect for a busy day. Buy your preferred cut of chicken and two or three of your favorite vegetables. Prepare each how you would like with your preferred seasonings and oils and make them in separate pans or on a large sheet-pan in the oven. Cook each thoroughly and enjoy!
– Chicken or Steak Teriyaki Stir-Fry: Similar to the recipe above, this dish is not very complicated. Using steak or chicken, whichever you prefer, you prefer it in a pan with light seasonings and drizzle your favorite teriyaki sauce into the pan and allow the meat to simmer. You can use your favorite two vegetables as well, we recommend carrots and broccoli and add that to the pan with the meat. Stir it all together and allow the vegetables to cook down. Take it out when the vegetables are cooked and you can serve it over rice or on its own.
– Pasta Salad: Easy and a staple at most get-togethers, pasta salad can be a healthy snack. Pasta salad is extremely versatile and you can add just about anything you want. Bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes are affordable and quick add-ins. Boil your favorite pasta as normal, then add the chopped veggies to the bowl with the pasta noodles. You can also add chicken for a boost of protein and make it a hearty lunch. Once the chopped veggies are mixed in, drizzle in your favorite salad dressing; Italian dressing or a vinaigrette are popular options. Do enough to cover the whole mix and top it with a cheese of your choice if you would like.

We hope these recipes help you and your loved ones try some easy and healthy dishes this new year. Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles, we want all of our patients to be happy and healthy. Your health begins on the inside by taking care of your body through drinking plenty of water and eating balanced meals. Trust us, your body will thank you.