Let’s be healthy and confident with a Pasadena Mole Removal procedure! Moles are common small flesh- colored spots on the skin, they can be located anywhere from your face, underarm, or back. Moles vary in size and color; they can also be flat or raised. Mole Removal Los Angeles is a specialty clinic devoted to mole and skin tag removals. Call today to book your Pasadena Mole Removal appointment (818) 975-3877.

Learn More About Mole Removal Pasadena, CA

best mole removal pasadenaOur team has perfected their techniques to effectively remove unwanted moles and skin tags. Our procedure is stitch-less which reduces any chance of scarring (results may vary). We use state-of-the-art radio frequency technology, similar to a laser. Our technique and technology allow for the surgeons to remove the mole or skin tag at the rut, ensuring they do not grow back. You can rest assured that the areas of the removals will heal beautifully and smoothly. We have three convenient locations in the Los Angeles area, our Sherman Oaks clinic is only a 21-minute drive from Pasadena. Our team of medical assistants and board- certified surgeons have devoted their lives to health and wellness, so rest assured you are skilled, capable hands. If you decide to remove your mole, skin tag, or skin lesion with us, you will first have a consultation with the board- certified surgeon who will be performing the procedure. In this initial consultation we will make sure the mole, skin tag, or skin lesion is safe to remove. We do not accept insurance; however, we do offer different pricing packages. We use a tiered pricing structure, so the more moles or skin tags you get removed the lower the price will be. Also, if you decide to get the procedure done the price of the consult is accredited to the price of the procedure. Call today to book your Pasadena Mole Removal appointment (818) 975-3877.