We understand that it can be difficult working from home instead of the usual office setting. There are more distractions at home but sometimes working from home allows you more flexibility and independence to set your own schedule. When working remotely it is important to keep a routine and stay active to keep your mind sharp. Being at home all the time can be a drag but keeping a routine can help keep your mind sharp and help you stay productive at work. Some easy ways to keep a routine or activities to start doing daily are:

  • Waking up and going to sleep at around the same time 
  • Eating balanced meals consistently
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Go on a walk at least once a week for fresh air and exercise
  • Separate your work space from your work space
    • This can be as simple as not working in your bed 
  • Practice self-care as often as you see fit
    • This can include face masks, long baths, grabbing a coffee, calling a loved one, etc. 
  • Go easy on yourself, it is okay to have a bad day every once in a while 

This brave new world is new for everyone so do not be afraid to reach out for extra support. Being at home can be nice but do not forget to catch up on your errands and take care of yourself. We hope these tips help you keep a more stable and productive routine.