We hope everyone is doing well during this time and we are sharing some good news! Mole Removal Los Angeles has been cleared to start seeing patients in June! We are so grateful and excited that we can reopen and start offering mole and skin tag removal services again. Our first appointments are in mid-June and we have openings in the following weeks. Call today to schedule an appointment or to reschedule an existing appointment.

In our office we will be following the strictest of sanitization protocols throughout the day. We will be social distancing patients and staff members and all employees will be wearing face masks and face shields for the safety of everyone in the office. We also will be frequently wiping down the waiting room area, examination rooms, and any other extra supplies such as the clipboards and pens.

As always, you can call to book an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns about a current skin lesion. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time and look forward to treating people for any bothersome skin lesion. We look forward to making sure everyone is feeling healthy and confident for this upcoming summer season.