Grateful for paramedics 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to take this time to give a special thanks to all the paramedics out there! A paramedic is a healthcare professional who provides emergency treatment, including advanced life support, to those in urgent situations. Paramedics are responsible for show up quickly to wherever their patients maybe, and help stabilize them at the moment. They are also expected to make morally correct decisions when needed. Paramedics are extremely important to society because they are able to treat you in situations where doctors cannot. A doctor cannot show up to your home when you are having a heart attack. However, a paramedic can stabilize you until you are able to meet with a doctor. Regardless of the situation, paramedics are always prepared and swift. Thinking of becoming a paramedic? The training is quite vigorous. It is required to have a high school diploma followed by training and certification as basic and advanced emergency medical technicians. Due to the fact that you have to be prepared for any kind of situation, it is required to complete 1,300 hours of training in emergency medical procedures. Thank you to all the paramedics out there for being literal life savers.