April is a fun month not only because it signifies that Spring is in full swing, but it is also known as Earth Month! This year, Earth Day is celebrated on Thursday, April 22nd. It is more important than ever that we adopt sustainable practices that can be praised on Earth Day and implemented year-round. Below we will list some easy, and affordable, ways to become more sustainable at even the smallest levels.

  • Recycle, recycle, recycle: While this is the most common way, it is also the easiest. By taking the extra two seconds to recycle your used bottles and cans so they may be disposed of properly, you keep them out of a landfill that will sit and affect the soil it sits on. To really make a lasting difference, check your local county’s recycling practices and ensure they accept the materials you are putting in your recycle bins. Check your plastic products to see what number 
  • Switch to Reusable: Again, another common way to reduce your carbon footprint, but is an easy one. Try to switch to reusable bags at the grocery store and switch out your plastic water bottle for a refillable one. You can find both of these things at your local grocery store or mass retailer. 
  • Carpool to work or other activities: This is helpful for multiple reasons but mostly because it has at least one less car creating emissions on the freeway and can help alleviate traffic congestion if enough people do it. Maybe trade-off days with your friends or coworkers or exchange the rides for a cup of coffee. 
  • Donate unused items: Donating your unused items is a good way to provide someone with a new product without having to add it to the waste pile at the landfill. 
  • Have your own garden: By growing your own produce you control what you grow, it doesn’t have to be transported on a truck that is pumping emissions into the atmosphere, and you control how much water is used. Also, you can compost uneaten food to help close the waste circle and help your garden grow. 

We hope all of these tips are helpful and allow you and your loved ones to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We won’t save the planet by having a small group live perfectly, but instead, by having everyone do their part in making small changes. These small actions will add up and have a big positive impact on our environment.