Coronavirus anxiety is a real thing many of us currently are experiencing. It feels as if from one week to another our whole life changed. It is important to have compassion and empathy if you are currently struggling with your mental health, because many of us are to. Due to being in quarantine and self- isolation for various months now, depression and anxiety rates have skyrocketed. We were not prepared to change our everyday life and live with so much uncertainty. During this difficult time we must be strong mentally and physically. Here are five mental health tips and tools that will improve mental health in quarantine. Fight Covid-19 like a superhero! 

  1. Remember You’re Not Alone

This might sound easier than it is, but it is important to process it. You are not alone. As a society, we have all gone through the same traumatic situation together. Hence, you are not the only one currently feeling anxious or depressed. These feelings are normal if they arise while being in quarantine. We are at home most of our day, we have minimal human interaction, and have less distractions. Naturally, our mental health is going to take a hit. But, knowing you are not the only one and that what your feeling is okay is the first step in feeling better.  

2. Meditate

Meditation is a practice that trains one’s mind to be aware. Meditation teaches how to observe your thoughts and feelings in a mindful manner, rather than reacting to them. This practice allows one to develop a healthy sense of perspective by being completely present. As a society, we are used to living a noisy life than being asked to hush the noise can be challenging. However, despite it being a bit challenging, it is extremely beneficial. Learning to meditate is a skill that can enhance your mental, emotional, and physical health.

3. Prioritize Rest

Now more than ever is a great time to prioritize rest. Getting enough restful sleep can help reduce levels of anxiety, depression, and strengthen our immune system. Resting lets your body and mind refuel and prepare for the day ahead. Even a quick twenty minute nap can be enough to relax the brain and give it a boost of energy for the rest of the day. 

4. Eat Healthy 

Having a healthy diet can tremendously improve your mental and physical health. If you are eating vibrant, colorful, healing foods, you are going to feel vibrant, colorful, and healed. It is all from the inside out. The gut and brain are connected, many even say that your gut is your second brain. So, if you take care of your gut by eating healthy foods, your brain will feel the benefits of those healthy foods. Additionally, a healthy diet also strengthens your immune system, which we all want during this pandemic. 

5. Facetime A Loved One

Thanks to technology, we no long need to be physically present with someone to have human connection. When you are feeling low, facetime a friend or family member. It will feel as if you are physically with them, yet you are still following quarantine rules. I can assure you that this will lift your mood and be a good distraction. Sometimes, we just need the comfort of our loved ones, even if it is virtually.