Warts are painless and harmless raised skin growths that can appear basically anywhere on the body. Warts are typically found, however, on hands and feet due to the amount of moisture and sweat they are exposed to and produce. They are usually small and rough bumps that protrude through the skin. Practically anyone can get a wart and they are more irritating than anything. Warts can last, unfortunately, for quite a while. They can linger on the skin anywhere from a couple of months to years. Warts are a common problem and we are happy to find a solution and treat them to ensure they do not cause any further problems. 

Skin tags are harmless and painless growths on the skin. They can appear anywhere but are most commonly found on the neck, upper chest, and underarms. While they are painless, they can become irritated or bothersome if they begin to catch on clothing or are rubbed by the straps of a bag. There is no definitive cause of skin tags, however, they do tend to be the result of skin rubbing against skin. Some people may be more predisposed to get skin tags. While both men and women are affected, they do tend to be more common during a woman’s pregnancy due to drastic hormonal changes.Those also at risk to develop skin tags are people who are overweight or people with diabetes. 

Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles we specialize in both wart and skin tag removal. Our team of board certified surgeons are well equipped for the job and can remove skin lesions anywhere on the body. They have years of experience and access to state of the art technology, this allows for a scar-less and painless procedure. The procedure is quick and easy and there is minimal to no scarring during the healing process. If you are interested in getting rid of your pesky skin tag or bothersome wart, give us a call. We have three locations in the Los Angeles area, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Sherman oaks. All three locations offer both wart and skin tag removal. Let’s be healthy and confident!