Studies and research have shown that, on average around the globe, men tend to die at an earlier age as compared to women. There has also been studies done that show how men are less likely to utilize healthcare providers. Whatever the reason may be, we all need to prioritize ourselves and make time to go to the doctor’s. Men also have certain doctor’s appointments they should schedule at various points in their lives. These appointments include, but are not limited to,  physicals, skin check, colon cancer screening, vision tests, and a prostate exam. 

  • Physicals: These can be conducted at any general practitioner and are used to monitor one’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and detect any diseases early on
  • Skin checks: These can be done at a local dermatologist or skin care clinic. Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles we are proud to say that we also conduct skin checks and skin cancer screenings. These ensure that any irregular moles or skin lesions do not pose any danger to one’s overall health. 
  • Colon Cancer Screenings: These are conducted by a Gastroenterologist and should be done when a man turns 45 years old to make sure that any possible signs of cancer are caught early. 
  • Vision Tests: These are conducted by ophthalmologists and optometrists and do not take very long. These help ensure the health of the eyes and catch any problems so that they can be solved as quickly as possible. 
  • Prostate Exams: These should be done when a man turns 50 years old and are conducted as a way to detect Prostate Cancer in the early stages. These exams are conducted by one’s doctor and there a couple ways this exam is performed.

One’s health should be at the top of their list of priorities and there are little things one can do to stay healthy. Scheduling and attending the above doctor’s appointments and following up as needed can help men stay healthy and give them peace of mind.