As this outbreak of COVID-19 continues we are spending more and more time indoors. We are forced to refrain from our everyday routine and transition to doing everything from home. However, just because gyms are closed doesn’t mean we have to stop working out, right? With everything being so uncertain, it’s nice to have a moment of certainty. Whether you’re lacking motivation or equipment, we know how difficult it can be to get yourself to work out at home. We have come up with four solutions that can help make this transition to workout out at home easier. 

  1. Schedule your workout 

As silly as it may sound, scheduling your workout is a very effective method to get yourself to workout. You are more likely to do something if you know at what time you are going to do it. It is likely that before quarantine you would schedule in your workouts. Maybe you went to the gym before work, or after. Since we are home all day, it is easy to think you have all day to workout and that you’ll do it at some point throughout the day.  Even if we are home all day, continue to keep scheduling your workouts, just like you schedule a zoom meeting. This will prepare you mentally and decrease the chances of you not doing it. 

2. Workout Playlist

To get yourself motivated and in the right mindset to workout, have a go- to workout playlist. You can create your own playlist with all your favorite songs. Spotify and Apple Music have pre- made fitness playlists that are accessible to all users. Even if you are not in the mood to workout, after listening to a couple of songs I can assure you you’ll be amped up to get in a good sweat. 

3. Be creative 

Many of us are used to working out at a studio or gym. So naturally, we don’t have any gym equipment at home. That’s not an excuse to not workout, get creative. You don’t need those 5 pounds weights or an elliptical machine to get a sweat going. How about taking a walk around the neighborhood or jumping rope at home. Milk gallons and canned foods are a great alternative to actual weights. If you are watching TV, why not do squats during commercial breaks? Or do some jumping jacks as you are waiting for your food to heat up in the microwave. Be creative and make it fun, just make sure you are staying active. 

4. Listen to your body

It is important to remember that we are going through a difficult time and there is no right response. If you are feeling overwhelmed or scared, don’t put extra pressure on yourself to workout. Listen to your body and ease yourself into the process. You don’t have to have an intense workout everyday. Some days your workout will be just going for a walk around the neighborhood, and that’s perfectly fine.