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4 At- Home Fitness Tips


As this outbreak of COVID-19 continues we are spending more and more time indoors. We are forced to refrain from our everyday routine and transition to doing everything from home. However, just because gyms are closed doesn't mean we have to stop working out, right? With everything being so uncertain, it’s nice to have a [...]

4 At- Home Fitness Tips2020-05-14T17:59:46+00:00

Skincare Tip: Retin A


Retin A cream is a skincare secret not widely known about, yet many dermatologists swear by it. The active ingredient it contains is tretinoin, which is why it can be known as tretinoin cream, or retrieve cream. Essentially, it is a type of vitamin A which is best known for its anti- aging properties. When [...]

Skincare Tip: Retin A2020-05-13T23:46:15+00:00

Benefits Of Reading Books


There’s nothing better than kicking back with a good book, right? It allows you to have a time of solitude and disconnect from everyday distractions. Reading can positively affect your life in various ways. It benefits both your mental and physical health in the long run, and it also provides great entertainment. Studies have shown [...]

Benefits Of Reading Books2020-04-27T20:34:15+00:00

Healthy Habits


Jim Ryuan once said, “ Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Developing healthy habits can improve your overall quality of life. What is a healthy habit? A healthy habit is any behavior that you want to incorporate in your everyday life that improves your mental, emotional, and physical health. [...]

Healthy Habits2020-04-27T19:54:25+00:00

At Home Activities


As this outbreak of COVID-19 continues we are spending more and more time indoors. Working from home, learning from home, socializing from home. For most of us, this quarantine has been difficult, we are forced to stay inside and try to make it our new norm. We are being forced to slow down, but that [...]

At Home Activities2020-04-13T23:53:54+00:00

Immunity Boosting Foods


It is no secret that during this time of unknowns and suspense, everyone is doing what they can to better their health in order to protect the health of others. The body’s immune system is one of the most invaluable features of the human body. The immune system is responsible for helping the body fight [...]

Immunity Boosting Foods2020-04-02T19:10:17+00:00

The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude


As we are facing this difficult time of Covid- 19, it is easy to say that tensions are running high. While we are in isolation and constantly watching the news, it is inevitable to experience feelings of worry or panic. Well, how about we trade in those strong emotions for an even stronger one? Gratitude [...]

The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude2020-03-31T21:52:31+00:00

Self- Care For Anxiety


As we are currently facing this outbreak of coronavirus, it is easy to start feeling anxious or have increased anxiety. Having go-to self- care activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine can help reduce anxiety. Self-care is a simple activity that takes on many different forms. While it may not seem like a [...]

Self- Care For Anxiety2020-03-19T22:08:58+00:00

Clean Hands, Healthy life


Here at Mole Removal Los Angeles we care deeply about the health and well-being of our patients. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), now more than ever is best time to discuss hand washing. Washing your hands is an act one does various times a day in a very mindless manner. It [...]

Clean Hands, Healthy life2020-03-12T19:35:21+00:00

Benefits Of An Organic Diet


Was your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier, just like ours? Well, you’re just in luck. Today we want to discuss a simple change we can make in our diet that will have long-term benefits. We understand that life can get hectic at times and our health is the last thing on our minds, we’ve [...]

Benefits Of An Organic Diet2020-03-05T20:54:23+00:00
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